SkyJack 7135 RT 4x4 Repainted

Asking Price:
Item Location: Pill Way
Seller Minisite: AJ Access Platforms
Fax: +44(0)1291423236
Model:Skyjack 7135 RT 4x4 Repainted
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Year of Manufacturer: 2007
Hours of Use 1932
Fuel Type Diesel

Following is some supplementary facts regarding this Skyjack 7135 RT 4x4 Repainted Scissor Lift Platform for sale with ForkliftTradex by AJ Access Platforms. The form on this page allows you to communicate with the merchant directly, either for more information, or to obtain this 2007 Skyjack 7135 RT 4x4 Repainted Scissor Lift Platform. You may also browse and evaluate a variety of pre-owned Skyjack Scissor Lift Platforms with ForkliftTradex, or look through the entire list of adverts for pre-owned Scissor Lift Platforms for sale, by the majority of the most prominent manufacturers, brought to you by ForkliftTradex, and available from AJ Access Platforms

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