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Pallet Stackers

A pallet stacker is an important tool in many sites, but particularly for warehousing and delivery tasks, as they allow for pallets of all descriptions to be stacked in a much quicker and more efficient manner.Powered pallet trucks are for larger-scale pallet stacking, and feature a motor and hydraulic technology to allow heavy pallets, or stacks of multiple pallets, to be lifted. They consist of a platform, where the operator stands, and two pallet forks powered by a hydraulic jack. By way of a throttle, the forks can be raised or lowered, either for stacking pallets, or to raise them slightly off the ground so that the powered pallet truck can travel with them in tow.

Pallet stackers for sale in the UK

Smaller pallet stackers for sale in the UK, such as hand pallet trucks, are suited for small-scale pallet stacking operations. Also known as a manual pallet stacker, these are essentially a hand-powered jack with pallet forks attached. Hand pallet trucks for sale are popular due to their affordability, and make a highly efficient way of moving loads without depending on an expensive power source.

Used pallet stackers

Used pallet stackers often represent a good investment, as their lower cost of purchase has no impact upon their efficiency in performing their duties. Most used pallet stackers feature brakes, but many also have an in built dead-man’s switch, a safety precaution that means that the pallet truck can be safely left whilst in use, if necessary.

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