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New Holland Telehandler In 2007 Top 100 09/04/2008
It has been reported that the owner of the technology behind Fiatallis dozers, New Holland, have been featured in Construction Equipment magazine as one of the top 100 products of 2007.

Fiatallis dozers were originally manufactured by Fiatallis, though the company Fiatallis has since been purchased by the New Holland brand. As a consequence, New Holland now boasts a wide array of construction machinery and equipment.

With regards to the New Holland brand being featured in...

Jlg Telehandlers Offer Optimum Performance 31/03/2008
JLG telehandlers are top of their game within the telehandler industry, and are manufactured by JLG Industries, a company which ostensibly prides itself on great customer service as well as a history of creating engineering excellence.

The 3500 and 4000 series of JLG telehandlers are custom built in Europe. The ranges of JLG telehandlers feature 10 models each. The JLG telehandlers offer the potential to complete a wide range of tasks with an impressive ability. The cab specification...

Lull Telehandlers Supported By Jlg Industries 31/03/2008
It has been reported that Lull telehandlers are now supported by JLG industries. In fact Lull telehandlers now also possess the ability to move loads up to 80 inches at full capacity height on a horizontal level without having to drive, or utilise the boom as a multi-function. The horizontal placement system of the Lull telehandlers allows loads to move in their entirety up to 80 inches without the need for complex manoeuvres or driving.

In addition, Lull telehandlers are reported to ...

Use Of Bfnt Radial Tyres With Caterpillar Telehandlers 31/03/2008
The Bridgestone Firestone North American Tire LLC has reportedly created a radial tyre which is compatible for use with a number of industrial vehicles, and potentially with Caterpillar telehandlers. The tyre which may offer a level of compatibility with Caterpillar telehandlers, is designed with a range of vehicles in mind, these include industrial tractors, backhoe loaders, forklifts, telehandlers (as well as potentially offering compatibility with Caterpillar telehandlers). The radial tyres o...

Redesigning Genie Telehandlers 31/03/2008
Genie telehandlers are considered by many to provide pioneering models of telehandlers within the industry. The GTH 1048 Genie telehandler and the GTH 1056 Genie telehandler have been reconfigured so as to more specifically suit customer needs. For example, the GTH 1048 Genie telehandler and the GTH 1056 Genie telehandler have been redesigned so as to be able to manoeuvre more successfully within small spaces. This means that when used within tight spaces the GTH 1048 Genie telehandler and the G...

Jcb Telehandler Implements Jcb Engine 30/03/2008
It has been reported that JCB, in their 2006 range if JCB telehandlers, used for the first time their own brand engine. With this in mind, the 444 JCB engine has been implemented into the range of JCB telehandlers.

The range of JCB telehandlers in question featured four models. These were the 531- 70 JCB telehandler, the 536-60 JCB telehandler, as well as the 541-70 JCB telehandler. The JCB telehandlers mentioned will be available in a range of specifications, including Agri, Agri Pl...

Genie Telehandler Exhibited At 2008 Conexpo 28/03/2008
It has been reported that at the ConExpo 2008, The GTH 5519 Genie Telehandler was exhibited to some acclaim. This specific model of Genie telehandler has been accredited with improving the performance and serviceability offered by its predeceasing model of Genie telehandler. However, this is not to day that this Genie telehandler is now complicated and expensive. The manufacturers of the GTH 5519 Genie Telehandler have ensured that the GTH 5519 Genie Telehandler remains to be of optimum function...

Lull Telehandlers Combat Size Restrictions 28/03/2008
A common problem encountered by operators of telehandlers is the restrictions in size of worksites. In addition to the small size of many worksites, it is likely that the worksite will also be littered with other modes of construction vehicles. For example, there may be scaffolding which further limits the size of the building site.

J and E Duff Inc., is a brick laying company in Chicago in the United States and it has been reported has been forced to deal with such issues. It has be...

Jcb Telehandlers In Dance Routine 28/03/2008
The ConExpo 2008 saw a choreographed dance routine implementing JCB telehandlers. The impressive display was conducted by JCB, the manufacturer of JCB telehandlers. During the dance routine which utilised JCB telehandlers and JCB diggers, in a dance known a performance known as the Dancing Diggers. The human dancers involved in the routine with the JCB telehandlers were kitted out in bowler hats, as well as yellow and black striped leotards which matched the paint work of the JCB diggers and JCB...

United Equipment Stocks Jlg Telehandlers 25/03/2008
It has been announced that the entire range of JLG telehandlers are available from United Equipment. JLG telehandlers are well renowned for being industry leaders in the manufacture and production of JLG telehandlers, and pride themselves on offering JLG telehandlers which epitomise the quality and design which are known to be attributed to JLG telehandlers. JLG telehandlers reportedly also offer a high level of comfort and durability, and are therefore perfect for a range of construction tasks....

Telehandler Safety Of Paramount Importance 11/03/2008
It is clear that whenever operating construction machinery and equipment, safety is of paramount importance. This is equally the case when operating telehandlers. OSHA regulations require operators of telehandlers to pass an operating test before using the telehandler.

It should be noted that before this rule relating to telehandlers was enforced, it was apparent that there was a potential for the operation of telehandlers to become unsafe.

Courses enforced by OSHA regard...

Navy Telehandler Contract In Usa 11/03/2008
It has been reported that allegedly the JLG Industries Inc. company has been contracted to provide telehandlers to the US Navy. Telehandlers will arguably assist the US Navy by providing them with equipment which is essential to carry out Navy duties with safety, performance and comfort of the utmost importance.

It has been claimed that MMV telehandlers feature the capacity to hold up to 11,000 pounds in weight. In addition MMV telehandlers from MMV feature a load moment indicator sy...

Terex Releases New Telehandler 04/03/2008
Top construction machinery and equipment manufacturer, Terex, have released a Telehandler which is a re-engineered version of an old Telehandler. The new Genie GTH ™-5519 Telehandler is an updated version of a previous telehandler released by Terex. The new telehandler is designed with improved performance and serviceability in mind. In addition to the functionality offered by the product, the Terex Genie telehandler has been constructed with simplicity of use and affordability in mind.


Samoter 2008 Sees Caterpillar Telehandlers Displayed 02/03/2008
It has been reported that the leading construction manufacturer, Caterpillar, has displayed a number of vehicles, including Caterpillar telehandlers, at the Samoter 2008. The Samoter exhibition takes place in Verona, Italy, and runs from the 5th to the 9th of March.

It has been reported that over 60 Caterpillar machines will be displayed and these include Caterpillar telehandlers. The vehicles which include Caterpillar telehandlers will be displayed either within a demo area, or on d...

Bobcat Telehandler Features An Abundance Of Benefits 18/02/2008
The Bobcat T2250 telehandler has been deemed to possess an abundance of benefits, including features which are often more commonly associated with skid-steer loaders.

Additionally, the Bobcat T2250 telehandler can be deemed to offer the features of an articulated wheel loader, as well as, perhaps obviously those attributes associated with a telehandler.

Because of the range of facilities available, the Bobcat T2250 telehandler offers a high level of versatility for a rang...

Victory In Vegas For Telehandler Operator 12/02/2008
Jason Hershberger, a telehandler operator from a family with a history of telehandler experience, has been reported to have won a telehandler operating skills competition in Las Vegas. The telehandler skills competition was part of the World of Masonry and World of Concrete show.

The telehandler competition entailed Hershberger completing a variety of tasks which demonstrated his telehandler skills. These tasks included driving and operating the telehandler and lifting and dropping ce...

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