Health And Safety Issues And Efficiency Of Output Improved Forklift Development 14/09/2007

The following major factors were analysed during the process of a widespread investigation when improving designs for a range of forklift trucks. Such factors were, robustness, safety, out and efficiency, surrounding atmosphere and comfort.

The new ‘Tonero’ internal combustion (IC) counterbalance forklift has just been launched into the UK market by Toyota Industrial Equipment. Toyota is said to be the leader in the market of IC counterbalance trucks. Toyota said ‘the Tonero is setting new standards in safety, productivity, durability, comfort and environmental performance.

Toyota offer the Tonero in seven different models and are available to run from either a diesel engine or an LPG engine. The load capacities are varied and start from 1.5 to 3.5 tonnes.

Representative for Toyota In dustrial Equipment (UK), Miles Griffin, Marketing Manager said: 'The Toyota Tonero sets new standards for the forklifts of the 21st century. With the highest levels of safety, productivity, comfort, durability and environmental features, customers can be confident that whatever they want to accomplish in their business, the Toyota Tonero can make it happen'.

A desirable asset of the Tonero’s is the standard safety feature, that is incorporated into all of Toyota’s designs, the System of Active Stability (SAS) and Operator Presence Sensing (OPS). The SAS protects the operator of the vehicle and the OPS detects whether or not the driver is seated, if he or she is not then the forklift will not operate.

These models of forklift trucks have been designed with a swivel, cushioned set and a rear assist grip. This means that the forklift can be controlled more efficiently and quickly and it is more comfortable for the driver when they are using the vehicle outside or uneven surfaces.

Those who operate forklift trucks frequently can enjoy the workplace more with Tornero+Comfort. It features a steering wheel that is telescopic and can be accustomed vertically according to the comfort of the driver.

There is a choice of electronic mini-levers or multifunction levers that are built into an armrest inside the forklift truck. This provides comfort and easy material handling for the operator.

A load weight indicator, a maximum drive speed setting and devices that can maximise the driving speed and the acceleration rate are all incorporated into the designs of the series of the forklift trucks. This enhances the safety levels for the user of the forklift.

Operators who are using these models of the forklift trucks can enhance the hardiness with Tonero+Durability. This model includes a cooling system which includes a plate fin radiator, a hydraulic oil cooler and a high speed fan.

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