Forklift Scale Flexible Weighing Solution 08/03/2006

An onboard forklift scale has recently been launched by Avery Weigh Tronix. It has been designed by the waste and recycling industry that can lift, weigh, move and record a load in one operation. It can be attached onto a forklift truck or onto a vehicle’s on board forklift mechanism.

With this system a forklift is able to deliver trade that has the approved and confirmed weight of a palletised load. This means that the industry is now able to record these types of loads every time they are moved. This will make the whole process a lot quicker and efficient as the current process is to move the loads to the floor scale to have them unloaded. They then have to be weighed and checked again.

If this scale is attached to a forklift truck then the system can act as a guide throughout the whole process for the driver. This means that health and safety risks are reduced, along with fines and the costs of the clean up of any incidents.

This is a very hard-wearing, long-lasting device for a forklift truck, and has been designed for a harsh working environment.

The weight sensors and out-of-level compensation on this device provide very precise readings, even when the position of the fork changes, if the mast is slanting to one side and if the wheels are on an uneven surface. The forklift scale comes in a variety of widths that enable it to fit any ITA class II and class III cleat type of forklift truck. It can be fitted with a choice instrument to go with the application better.

These scales have been EU trade approved. It is a device that is easy to operate, it has large digits that are lit on a LCD display, and does not require too much space. There are six soft touch keys that enable the weight to be checked and recorded along with the date and the time. This record is then able to be printed out as a hard copy and proof that the checking and recording has been carried out through the use of an RS 232 port.

There is an alternative option available that provides a more advanced method of data management. This system can store up to 750 records. It is simple to use and very efficient for recording weight data and organising it, it can also produce the information in seven different formats. Infra red transceivers and RF communication for wireless data transfer and Bar code scanners, are supported but SimulCast WI-130.

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