Dairy Uses Bt Pallet Stacker 07/04/2008

It has been reported that a dairy in Jutland, Denmark has begun implementing the usage of a BT pallet stacker. The plants infrastructure is maintained by BT pallet stackers, as well as other BT trucks, including BT hand trucks.

The dairy in Jutland, Denmark, prides itself on offering a wide array of cheese and butter, with an annual production of approximately 36,500 tonnes.

It has been claimed that the factory of the dairy in Jutland, Denmark features an AS 20 BT pallet stacker. This BT pallet stacker works to move loads of pallets between certain locations without having to necessitate the use of an operator in the BT pallet stacker.

The company which owns the dairy is Arla Foods. It has been reported that the company has recently seen the implementation of a Minimover HWE100 BT pallet stacker. The Minimover HWE100 BT pallet stacker boasts a single column mast. This means that this specific model of pallet stacker can be used to create horizontal pallet movement. In addition, this BT pallet stacker can also be used to stack pallets. Within the factory, this model of BT pallet stacker is fitted with an optional height adjustment system. The optional height adjustment system of the BT pallet stacker automatically adjusts the height of the forks of the BTR pallet stacker. This will ensure that the operator of the BT pallet stacker does not need to over-exert themselves.

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