New Model Of Forklift Truck Launched By Yale 30/05/2007

A Veracitor VX forklift truck with a 6-7 tonne capacity has recently been launched by Yale Europe Materials Handling. It comes with the option of a regular electronic power shift transmission or a soft shift power reversal transmission.

Recently launched by Yale Europe Materials Handling is the 6-7 tonne capacity Veracitor VX forklift truck. This product has been designed with customers who are involved in the lumber, steel and aluminium, concrete, brewing, chemical and stevedoring industries. This will be a great advantage for those in these industries. Customers are able to choose from a diesel or LPG engine in 6000 and 7000 kg capacities. The design of the machinery is durable and is able to operate in the most challenging situations. It can aid a company in maximising materials handling efficiency.

Two transmissions are available with the truck:
1) If a customer opts for the Standard Electronic Powershift transmission they are provided with two speeds for moving forward and reversing. The lower gear is more suited for extended drawbar pull and the higher powered gear for faster speeds and long runs.
2) Three forward speeds and two reverse speeds is provided if customise decide to have the Techtronix.

The Auto Deceleration System (ADS), Controlled Power Reversal (CPR) and Controlled Rollback are all standard features of this model which are beneficial due to them increasing the levels of productivity decrease the costs of operation and reduce fuel consumption.Increased throughput and levels of productivity are enhanced by the nuclear of the truck, the proven Intellix VSM electronic management system. It also reduces maintenance costs.

Brake conditions, transmissions and coolant fluid levels are automatically checked by the Intellix system when the engine is started up, Quick and easy checks are able to be carried out easily by the operator.It is easy for operators to change settings to their preference due to the LED lights that are featured on the dash.Travel speeds and accelerations are easily changed by using the system on the dash, as well as lifting and lowering the speed of the mast.

The levels of Hydraulic oil needed for a specific attachment can be amended when needed. Quick and easy daily routine checks can be carried out by operators is another beneficial feature that has been made of part of the design for this forklift. Assessments can be carried out by opening the gull-wing hood, access to the powertrain is also easy by simply removing the foot and side plates.

Changing engine oil, coolant and both transmission, hydraulic fluid are all easy processes due to the simple layout of the electrical and hydraulic routings. Premium oil-immersed brakes have been installed with the intention of reducing the forklift trucks lifetime operating costs. As well as this advantage of the brakes there is also the advantage of maximum braking capability and reduced brake pedal effort. The trucks are good to use in contaminated environments due to the sealed design of the brakes.

The Comfort of the operator is a priority when Yale is designing new pieces of machinery. Entering and exiting the vehicle has been made easier for operators by the installation of a left hand side grip and the right hand grip next to the door. The floor height is 110cm which provides maximum visibility even when working with high loads and the counterweight at the back of the vehicle.

The forklift is ideal for being used in all weather conditions thanks to a ‘perforated truck’ running board which allow for extra grip and drainage.Manual levers, which are preferred by operators as appose to automatic are a standard feature in the design of the Veracitor VX Base.A perfect driving position for operators has been achieved. It can suit all workers with different physiques. This has been made possible due to the adjustable steering column and full suspension seat along with the adjustable arm rest. The Veracitor GDP/GLP 60-70VX series if the latest addition to Yale’s Veracitor ranges of trucks.

Demands of operators, manufacturing needs and distribution and logistics have all been met through the update design of this forklift. It has improved serviceability, world class ergonomics and the lowest cost of ownership.

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