New Meyer Forklift Model Released 20/05/2007

An adapted build of the popular series 6-2400N has been introduced by Hans
H. Meyer GmbH. It provides a new complete programme suitable for
full-service and difficult working conditions.

In the eighties a forklift positioner was produced, the design being well
ahead of its time. This was a production of Hans H. Meyer GmbH. A standard
truck forks are hung on the arm carriers of the fork position. Manufactured
chrome axles and shafts guide the arm carriers. This shaft guided device is
easily maintained and has a low service demand, it is also renowned for long
life wear elements. The tough shaft construction is wears well, reducing the
number of actual wear parts to just a few cost effective parts, in
particular the bushes incorporating wipers that have been built into the arm
carriers. Having been made from hard-wearing special materials and past
long-term tests the bushes are expected to reach a life expectancy of 20.000
operating hours under normal conditions and maintenance. It is said that an
exchange is unnecessary throughout a multi-shift five-year contract of. Due
to this, in the eighties, a build was developed by Meyer that met today’s
requirements in full-service operations. This component is to have further
improvements carried out on it.

The shaft-guided fork positioer is now a new design independent of fork
carriage width.

6-25xxF is a new design independent of the fork carriage width. This means
that it is more flexible in it’s use. Due to the width of the fork
positioner it means the overall width of the truck is no londer restricted,
a larger opening range is available.

The structure has a solid and sturdy frame which provides great strength to
the unit. Equipped with a flexible fork stop the arm carrier is able to use
wider forks. This is because of an optimum arrangement of the frame. The
full opening range can be maintained. With 3-4 drill holes on the arm
carriers the following addition of bolts and forks are able to be utilised.
Having drill holes already in place for a modular load guard means that a
new addition can be introduced at any time. Adjusting the load guard is
simple. It can be adjusted in its position so that the front edge can have
many forks with a variety of widths.

This new design is now available with the option of having forks or not
having forks. It also has the option of having ISO mountings or a
mast-integrated design. There will also be an individual side shift, which
is different from the design with the integrated side shift. It can come
with or without forks and will be available from summer 2007.

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