Mixture Of Biodiesel And Petrodiesel Power Fork Lift Trucks 21/05/2007

Various ranges of counterbalanced forklift trucks produced by Yale Europe Material Handling such as the VX and DB/EB can run on a mixture of biodiesel and traditional petroleum diesel (petrodiesel).

A new mixture known as B5, a liquid consisting of 5 percent biodiesel and 95 percent is traditional petroleum diesel, is able to be used in models made by Yale Europe Material Handling. These models are those such as the VX and DB/EB series of forklift trucks. The series have been designed with engines such as Yanmar and Cummins which have been approved for the blend B5.

When the Biodiesel, a fuel that is made up from mainly organic vegetable oils, and Petrodiesel which holds only a 5 percent ratio of the mixture B5, it has been proven that it holds many features that are beneficial to the environment.

An example of this is improvement to the lubrication of the engine. This means that the fuel burns more completely. By doing so it means that emissions are reduced and is practically free of sulphur. It has also been discovered that blends that contain biodiesel as one of the main elements of the mixture can reduce the output of Carbon Dioxide- one of the gases that is a main contributor to global warming.

Yale Europe Materials Handling's, counterbalance product sales manager, Tom Pickering has said 'The environmental benefits of using biodiesel will no doubt enhance an operator's 'green credentials. But customer tests also show biodiesel blends bring improvements in fuel efficiency that deliver significant economic benefits'.

The B5 biodiesel blend is available from main diesel fuel suppliers and it complies with European Standard EN14214.

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