Ajn Steel Helped Out Handling Problems By Combilifts 01/10/2007

A substantial amount of AJN Steel’s stock is being looked after by 15 Combilift 4-way forklifts, at their newly purchased premises in Kentford, nr Newmarket. AJN Steel is a well established family run business, based in Sufflok. It is the leading manufacturer and therefore stockholder in the industry and supplies customers all over the UK.

For numerous reasons, in 2001, AJN Steel bought in it’s first Combilift. MD Alan Boyden is inviewed and explains their decision. "We were using counterbalance forklifts to offload and handle deliveries which were at times over 18 metres long, and this was not safe enough for my liking. Moving these extreme lengths around the yard and into the sheds also involved lengthy and tricky manoeuvres which we were keen to eradicate." The Combilift was such an asset to the company that more were quickly ordered in as it help with the efficiency of running the business.

Combilifts comes from an Irish based company, it is a company that is renowned for its ability to be flexible and customise its products for it’s customers. This was the process that was carried out for AJN Steel; There are 9 new forklift trucks that have been recently released and two of these are 7 tonne capacity. The forklift trucks were adjusted with 12 tonne back axels, which allows them to work better in harsh and extreme working conditions. These are usually used for loading heavy loads and are used for outdoor work. The 4 tonne models are used mainly inside for guided aisle operations and for carrying products to different areas of a factory for the next process to be carried out them. These forklift trucks are an essential part of helping a company run efficiently and prevent time wasting as these forklifts are able to control themselves when working on the guided aisle system.

Alan Boyden has said that safety is not the only major factor to consider when improvements are needing to be made when using Combilifts: "We have the best of both worlds with these trucks, we can save space in the storage areas due to the 4-way ability, their flexibility means we are always equipped with the right truck for the job, and obviously we have got rid of risky high level manoeuvres associated with the counterbalance trucks. All the operators here have noticed the benefits of this system."

After having worked over 13,000 hours, AJN Steel’s first Combilift proves that the manufactures of this model have achieved their aims when it comes to ensuring that they design a hardwearing device with a long lifespan.

Over a dozen models are now included in the Combilift range. These vary between 2.5-14 tonnes. They are available in LPG or Diesel engines or electric powered engines. They have been designed to with hold all weather conditions and are able to be used inside and outside, they can also be used on slightly rough grounding.

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