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Linde C80/5

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Seller:  Gold Star Seller Forkliftcenter BV
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Item Location: NETHERLANDS

Model:Linde C80/5
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Year of Manufacturer: 2005
Serial Number: E1X317R00010
Condition: Diesel

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engine size: 7.298 litreengine size: 7.298 litre
gross power: 84 kWgross power: 84 kW
lift height: 9360 mmlift height: 15060 mm
load capacity: 7936.65 kgload capacity: 7936.65 kg
max lifting capacity: 7936.65 kgmax lifting capacity: 7936.65 kg
max speed: 16.8 mphmax speed: 16.8 mph
weight: 7936.65 kgweight: 7936.65 kg
wheelbase: 3657.6 mmwheelbase: 3657.6 mm
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