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Forklift Trucks

Forklifts are vehicles with industrial lifting capabilities. They are used extensively in warehouse and manufacturing environments, where they move loads from other vehicles to storage indoors or outdoors. The name ‘forklifts’ comes from the fact that the majority have pallet ‘forks’ on the front; two flat and rigid strips of metal that jut horizontally from the front. These ‘forks’ are mounted on a mechanism that allows them to be raised and lowered vertically. Forklifts can thus hoist large pallets and crates with speed and efficiency. A fork lift can be powered by diesel, LPG canister or electricity.

Forklift Trucks for sale in UK

Forklift trucks for sale in UK, including used and refurbished trucks generally feature rear-wheel steering, as this increases the vehicle's manoeuvrability. Forklift trucks for sale in UK are often required to work in compact spaces, and VNA (Very Narrow Aisle) trucks are designed to excel in that environment. Because forklift trucks are required to travel with a load, sometimes a raised load, stability is always of paramount importance. Because of the loads, the centre of gravity for a forklift is fluid, and centrifugal force must be taken into account when navigating corners with a raised load.

Used Forklifts

Used Forklifts are generally able to accommodate a wide range of attachments in order to make them as multifunctional as possible. Some of the most commonly used forklifts attachments include a sideshifter which hydraulically moves the forks laterally as well as vertically; a fork-positioner, which allows the forks to be brought closer together and further apart in order to accommodate different sized containers, and a drum-handler, which is a spring-loaded clamp which can be fitted onto the forks in order to grip drums. This cross-functionality makes used forklifts a versatile and worthwhile investment.

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